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In any business it is the 'people' that really make the difference. People want to interact with likeable individuals, especially when the risks are high.

For most of us buying a car is a big deal. It is something you don't do very often, often without knowing the market and usually involving large sums of cash. Having worked for the US Investment Bank JPMorgan for many years I understand the importance of doing business in a first class way.

As a passionate car enthusiast I aim to bring that same level of professional advice, and service through Apex Lifestyle to you. I have personally bought and sold cars since I could drive but unusually, it is also the research, haggling and striking a deal, that gives me an equally big buzz.

I made a lifestyle decision before I created Apex. It annoyed me that so many clients walk onto garage forecourts and leave feeling confused, unhappy and (usually) with a lighter wallet!

That is why I created Apex Lifestyle, to offer a bespoke service tailored to ensure every client drives away smiling..

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